Automotive Car Parts - Universal Joints

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Only a limited number of people have idea about the other important parts of the car, such as the shafts, chassis, and universal joints etc. This article will briefly explain about some of those parts and what function do they perform in an automobile. Thanks to modern generation electronics, modern day automobiles are much more complex compared to those available a decade or two ago. Most new models have automatic gears. This means that drivers do not have to change the gear manually as they used to in the past.

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- Engine: It is one of the most crucial component of a car and the performance of the automobile depends on how well tuned its engine is. Engines run on different types of fuels such as petrol, diesel, and ethanol. The latest generation of cars run on electricity.

- Universal joint: A propeller shaft connects the gearbox to the rear axle on "front engine" "rear wheel drive" autos. Each end of this shaft contains a universal joint that allows the rear axle to move down and up in relation to the gearbox without snapping or bending the shaft.

- driving shaft: This is a hollow steel tube that has yokes welded on its end. The tubular design of the driving shaft makes it light and strong. While autos typically have a single shaft, heavy vehicles such as trucks employ dual piece driving shafts.

- Drive axle: This component helps to proper the automobile. The purpose of this part is to allow the operator of the automobile to turn the wheels as well as control the car.

- Chassis: This is the vehicle's frame and supports the different parts of the auto such as its tyres, axle, steering, brakes, engine, and much more. They are typically made of sturdy and lightweight materials such as aluminium.

Most of us take cars for granted. We use them to commute from one place to the other. When they stop working or if they malfunction, we contact the auto repair company and seek the help of their technicians to fix the problem. However, it is a different story regarding car parts. You will be surprised to know that most car owners hardly have any idea of the different components of an auto as well as how they work together to ensure that they have a smooth and hassle free journey. Most of us know about the gear, accelerator, clutch, brake, accelerometer, fuel indicator, and steering wheel.